There must be thousands of blog posts and articles on the subject of writing article titles that are appealing enough that people will actually read the article.

Of course we all know that article writing and distribution is one of the best ways to build your website’s relevance in the eyes of the search engines.

Which gets you more traffic, and if you’re doing the rest of it right, gets you more conversions (consults and cases) and more profits.

However . . . you can write all the articles you want, but if the article’s title doesn’t sell the potential reader on reading the article, you’ve missed a bet.

Matt Goffrey, who bills himself “the world’s highest-paid SEO/SMM, traffic generation, and sales consultant on the planet,” wrote a post recently on the subject.

What appealed to me about his post was that Matt really dug into his subject to come up with rock-solid data rather than just opinions.

He explains his methodology in the post, which is well worth reading, but the short version is that he compiled the data on over 23,000,000 visits to 765 articles posted on a popular site frequented by SEO and marketing types.

What he found was that articles that had either “How to” or “Tips” in the title, or that promised some kind of specific, tangible benefit, were clicked on much more often than any other titles. It wasn’t even close.

Matt doesn’t talk about email subject lines or blog post titles, but I’m guessing that the same holds true.

What about this post? If you’re down here, you read the post. It’s a good bet that the “How To . . .” in the title sold you on doing so.

Good stuff to keep in mind as you blog or email or article-write.

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