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How to Have a Website People Trust

  Trustworthiness Your Website has several tasks, but certainly one of the most important ones is to convey a sense of solidity and trustworthiness. Yes, you have to have a compelling headline to pull people into the site, and the site has to reassure people that they’re in the right place by showing them something […]

“The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Bob Dylan’s protest song from 1963 is said by some to have been politically out of date almost as soon as it was written. It’s about the same with anything written about AdWords.  It’s out of date immediately, or at least not current, because of the way Google keeps rolling out enhancements and changes to […]

Split Testing Leads To 300% Better Conversion Rate

  Split Testing, also called A/B testing, is an extraordinarily powerful way to find out what works and what doesn’t, or what works better in website marketing.  Surprisingly, it’s very much under-utilized by marketers. (I know, you’re a doctor, and you never thought you’d have to be a marketer, but the truth is that you […]

How To Boost Conversions By Reducing Anxiety

[/Rant on] Don’t you hate it when people write headlines like “Boost conversions 3.67 times by . . .?” Somebody once figured out that exact numbers are more believable than round numbers, so every marketer in the world uses exact numbers now. “Buy my software and increase your profits $24,105.67 monthly!” What nonsense! [/Rant off] […]