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Google Places Mischief Opportunity

November 11, 2011 0

In mid-October, Google made it possible for anyone logged in to his Google account to go into Google Places and update ANY Google Places account. How’s that for creating potential problems for business owners? “User-Generated Content” is all very nice, but it seems to us that this is taking it a little too far. There’s […]

Google Places Help: Step-by-step Setup

February 16, 2011 0

This is a series of videos that walks through the setup of a business in Google Places(tm). While much of this setup process is intuitive, there are a few things that must be done a certain way to maximize the results from Google Places. Click on the links below for a high-resolution version of each […]

Better Search Engine Results for Local Businesses

December 10, 2010 0

Some Tips about “Google Places” and Other Directories If you want better search engine results (and more clicks, and more business), and you haven’t paid attention to “Google Places”, you need to do so—and it goes a lot deeper than just “claiming” your page. Here are a few snippets from Google’s introduction of Google Places […]