Amazing ribbon-cutting event for JetSuite yesterday!

JetSuite ribbon cutting with city officials and company executives

City of Irvine officials and JetSuite executives (and lil' ol' me) cutting the ribbon...

In addition to a big ceremony with just about every local government official there is, we were treated to a tour of their operations facilities, real-time monitoring screens, etc.  I love that kind of stuff, so it was very cool to watch the logistics.

Real time map of JetSuite operations

Real time map of JetSuite operations - neat...

After that, we got to go out onto the tarmac, through the private jet terminal.  I wish I’d never seen that, it makes normal air travel seem pretty rough!

I figured I’d never have a chance to experience this side of air travel until I found out how affordable it can be.  Depending on the destination, you can book the whole plane as low as $999 which is a fraction of their competitors’ pricing.

If you had three other people fly with you, that would make it only $250 each, and you basically walk onto the plane, fly, then walk out on the other end with your luggage.

They are trying to bring private air travel to more people, and with the prices of commercial flights these days, this isn’t a huge premium any longer.

I’m sounding like a paid spokesperson, but I’m not – I just like to talk about visionary companies like JetSuite…

JetSuite ribbon cutting

So this is the closest I'll ever get to owning a private jet...but at their surprising prices I can at least fly on one some day!

Congratulations and best wishes to a great company and group of people – I felt honored to be there.