Okay, so it is just a tiny mention, but now we can say we’ve been in a story on the New York Times website!

New York Times website article

What can YOU write an article about to get visibility?

We wrote an article about Google Places, specifically targeted a handful of other blogs and websites and approached them to see if they needed any additional content. Since journalists and websites are almost always looking for content, many of them said yes and published it.

In addition to the visitors and publicity we got from those various sites (125 visits from just one big site on one day), this person from the New York Times picked up the original article on ideaCafe too.

Again, it is just a very minor part of that whole page full of updates, but we’ll take it. The power of “getting out there” can be a wonderful thing!

Challenge yourself to come up with an idea that you can write about at an expert level. The total time to write and promote this article was probably only about 3 hours. Between the new visitors to our site and the credibility these articles being published brings us, the time invested is absolutely worth it.

Of course, for our clients, we can create this type of article, promote it, and get you some SEO juice and probably some improved Google Rankings.  Maybe even a visitor or inquiry or two, and a consult, and a case.