This was a question submitted by an insurance guy we knew from a seminar we both attended.  The question and answer(s) are completely applicable to any medical practice:

Submitted by: Ron W.

Line of Business: Insurance

Question: Hi Scott – I need a “guru” to help me sort out the “gurus.” Six months ago I launched an online site in a highly competitive industry (insurance). Having used some of Perry’s products I naturally kept on that path.

As I read his material, specifically the Next Step marketing guide, he points to Glenn.

Perry, Glenn, both gurus, both advocating the services of the other. And of course there are many others.

I guess I’m writing to ask, what is the best way to educate myself?

Is this the kind of thing you can help me with?  Should I give up on trying to learn it myself and have you do everything?

It just seems nobody will know the industry quite like I do if they aren’t in it every day.

Ok, if you’re still with me, please do provide your thoughts.

<<Quick note before my answer>> “Perry” and “Glenn” as referred to below are two amazing leaders in the online marketing world.  We met Ron as part of our participation in a group there.  Even though we’ve sent them enough money to buy a small island, I’m not promoting them here – but I felt like if I took their names out, it would seem strange…


Ron – Thanks for your email.  Let me tell you, I’ve been there in the past, and I completely understand what you are going through – I even have all the bookshelves full of stuff from over the years to show you as proof!

I HIGHLY recommend that you stick with Perry’s teachings, and put blinders on to everything else.  Glenn is amazing, and better than Perry in some areas, but you just can’t afford to divert any attention at this point.

If you want to work together with us, that’s great.  We’ll go through our process, which is similar to Perry’s in various ways – imagine that – he’s an amazing mentor, and I’d be happy to do the eight-figure business he has.

But as we’ve been discussing, we’ll get one sales funnel working for you, and then expand.  No sense in complicating things or wasting money until we have a “known good” process that has been tested and optimized to death.

But if you don’t want to start working with our company, I’m completely fine with that.  In that case, before you do ANYTHING else, I would read Perry’s Definitive Guide two times…yes, two times, cover-to-cover.

After you do that, sit down with it, and as difficult as it is, go through his process, step-by-step.  From keywords to ads to testing and analysis, etc.

Once you go through that, and have things at least close to breaking even, if not breaking even or turning a bit of a profit, then I’d think about higher-level coaching from Perry.  Of course, if you stop bleeding money and start making some and decide you’d rather work with us instead of doing it yourself, we’d love the opportunity.

One of the things Perry says is “you can’t steer a parked car”, and by that he means that if you aren’t spending enough money and gathering enough data, then he can teach you how to do a bunch of stuff and you’ll say “great”, and then you’ll say “but I can’t pick my highest-converting landing page to optimize…because I’ve never gotten a conversion yet…”

I hope that makes sense and you don’t take any of what I’m saying personally.  I do have your best interests in mind, whether it is working with us, somebody like us, doing it yourself, coaching with Perry, etc.

I’ve seen too many people exactly where you are that are just about to break through, and a year later they are doing something completely different because they just couldn’t get past the tipping point.

Email me back any thoughts you have on this, or let me know a time that we can setup a phone conversation, or whatever makes sense to you.

Best of luck regardless of what you decide.