Increasing sales is usually a more efficient way to increase the bottom line than cutting expenses is, but when times are tough, cutting expenses that don’t negatively impact your sales and marketing efforts makes sense.

We needed some paper and a new chair recently, so we started scouring the online stores to find the best pricing.

That’s when we discovered—a competitor to Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.

Despite the fact that they’ve been around since 1994 and were actually the first “e-tailer” to offer online office supplies, we had never heard of them, so we figured some of you may not have heard of them, either.

The company made it into the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide last May, achieving a ranking of #5 in the Office Supply Category and an overall standing of #134 in web sales, so they’re certainly for real.

And it’s reached these lofty heights because they are offering great savings on your everyday business and office supply needs.

For instance, multipurpose copy paper, same weight and brightness at each, per case:  $34.99 at Shoplet, $39.99 at Office Depot.

Or how about this one – Hon F3 Series Ilira Stretch-Back Work Chair:  $515.13 at Shoplet, $788.40 at Office Depot. That’s a big difference.

We checked binder clips, hi-lighters, staplers, and a few other things, and Shoplet was always cheaper than Staples or Office Depot.  Shipping is free on orders over $45.00.

Not only do they seem to have better pricing, they have a huge selection of items—over 400,000.  Way more items than their competitors.

And if you are into being “green” then might well have what you want among its 8,000-strong eco-friendly products.

Our first order was delivered as promised, with no problems.

I’m realizing that this sounds like a commercial for Shoplet, but we have no association with them other than being a customer of theirs.  Just trying to share what we think is a good find.

And who doesn’t want to save a little money these days?

Let me know some of your great finds below…