Cutting to the chase, the simple answer is “YES”… but that’s simply because the statistics say so.

In the Internet Marketing arena, it’s a statistical fact that:

  • 51% of people that search for a local business call themselves “online shoppers…brick-and-mortar buyers
  • 70% of people using local search online are seeking an offline business
  • 55% of all local searches are performed with an intent to purchase
  • Of all local searches that are typed in, 72% visit or call a store, and 58% of those result in a sale of some kind


  • Analytics show that over 75% of the people that search online NEVER click beyond the first page of search results
  • In fact, the top FIVE search results get about 74% of all clicks, with position #1 alone getting 42% of the clicks.  So, if you’re not right at the top, you’re pretty much nowhere.  If you only get to position 6, for example, you only get about 4% of available searchers to your site.

Pretty scary, huh?

What does all that mean for a medical practice?

It means that your perfect prospect is looking for you, or looking for what you provide, on the web, not in the phone book.

What that means is that you need an attractive, effective, and well-promoted website to compete.  The “well-promoted” part simply means that no matter how attractive, and how effective your site is, people have to find it.  Google has to like it enough to put it on the first page of the search results for the terms you’re interested in.

The answer for most practices is to engage a skilled website marketing firm to help them get those high rankings.

It’s not black magic, but it’s not real easy, either—and most businesses don’t have the in-house expertise, or the time, to do it themselves.

Can’t I do it on my own?

With the intense competition out there, it is no longer enough to “just build it,” and expect people to come to your fabulous website. You need a laser-focus on the right keywords (search terms) and a cohesive, targeted effort to promote your website correctly.

Otherwise, people simply aren’t going to find you when they enter that keyword phrase you hope you’ll show up at the top of the first page for.

With that said, yes, you can do it on your own. We won’t pretend that what we do is some kind of black magic that can only be done by super-geeks like us.

The truth is, if you are smart enough to run your practice, and you are relatively technical (or have someone who is), you can do this stuff.

However, unless you have a substantial amount of free time, it will be hard for you to acquire the necessary knowledge and be able to execute the processes each month like our team does.

That’s why we are here– because we believe you should focus on what you are good at, and hire professionals like us to do these services for you…just like we hire companies to do things for us.

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