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Google Places Mischief Opportunity

November 11, 2011 0

In mid-October, Google made it possible for anyone logged in to his Google account to go into Google Places and update ANY Google Places account. How’s that for creating potential problems for business owners? “User-Generated Content” is all very nice, but it seems to us that this is taking it a little too far. There’s […]

A Scary Thought at Halloween?

October 31, 2011 0

A lot of physicians and other business owners are scared of Pay-Per-Click advertising. It’s true that you can take a terrible beating in a very short time if you’re not careful and don’t know what you’re doing. On the other hand, properly used, it can be a remarkably effective and remarkably low-cost advertising solution. Yes, […]

SEO Myths and Mistakes Report

October 14, 2011 0

We turned several different articles that we’ve written about SEO into a quick summary report. You’ll see some of the myths about SEO, in addition to some of the mistakes people make, based either on out-of-date info, or just all the conflicting information out there. Click here or on the picture below to download the […]

Just Write It!

October 11, 2011 0

Okay, so it is just a tiny mention, but now we can say we’ve been in a story on the New York Times website! We wrote an article about Google Places, specifically targeted a handful of other blogs and websites and approached them to see if they needed any additional content. Since journalists and websites […]

Video Killed The Radio Star…But It Sure Will Help Your Website!

October 4, 2011 0

It’s no surprise I guess, when you consider how the moving picture revolutionized the world of entertainment, that the use of video clips, segments, and full-on tutorials (in some cases), is going to attract Internet users visiting product websites. There’s something extremely engaging about “lights, camera, action” that stirs us and enthralls us and keeps […]